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Research And Development Tax Credit

The tax definition of Research and Development (R&D) encompasses much more than “white lab coat” activities. The R&D tax credit is now a permanent incentive for companies that conduct qualified research and development activities in the US. FGMK will help you identify your company’s qualified R&D activities and maximize your R&D tax credit, allowing you to reduce your federal and state tax burdens, and lower the after-tax cost of conducting R&D.

FGMK specialists use their extensive knowledge of the federal and state laws and their application to maximize and substantiate the R&D tax credit benefits. We recognize the importance of providing value while minimizing the impact on your company’s daily operations.


FGMK analyzes your company’s tax profile in order to maximize the R&D credit benefit and its utilization.

Credit is now permanent:

  • Credit provides dollar for dollar tax reduction
  • Each qualified dollar produces approximately five cents of federal credit
  • Some states also allow R&D credit

Eligible Small Business can use the credit against AMT:

  • Average annual gross receipts of prior three tax years < or = $50M
  • Available to corporations whose stock is not publicly traded, partnerships, and sole proprietorships

Qualified Small Business can use the credit against Payroll Tax:

  • Tax year gross receipts < $5M
  • No gross receipts for any taxable year preceding the five taxable year period ending with such taxable year


FGMK analyzes your company’s activities to identify qualified business components and associated expenditures.

  • Alternative material analysis
  • New or improved product design
  • Prototype development
  • Continuous process improvements and automation
  • New process layout/machinery customization and integration
  • Tooling, dies, fixtures design and development
  • Applications development
  • Mobile development
  • System architecture and design



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