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Internal Audit

The stakes could not be higher for today’s internal audit departments. The expectations from their constituents continue to increase as audit committees and senior management teams become more aware of the risks in their environment. Internal audit professionals help them quantify and mitigate those risks. Add to that the increased regulatory pressure and there is no question that internal audit departments today are under more pressure than ever.  

How can the Chief Audit Executive address all of these needs? The answer is quite simple – today’s internal audit department requires leading professionals with the appropriate experience and knowledge, who bring cutting-edge audit processes to help companies achieve their goals. 

FGMK’s seasoned internal audit professionals have the requisite industry knowledge to dig deep into the business risks and develop action oriented plans to mitigate those risks. We don’t bring theoretical recommendations to your company that cannot work in practice, but instead provide strong business advisors who can help take your organization’s internal audit department to the next level.


  • Quality Assurance Reviews (QAR) – QAR reviews are conducted in accordance with the guidance provided by the Institute of Internal Auditors.
  • Outsourcing/Co-sourcing services –  We can deliver on the entire spectrum of internal audit activities, from the risk assessment process to the development and execution of the plan.
  • Technology services – Today’s IT risks demand that professionals with the requisite skills be involved in your internal audit plan. FGMK’s technology company, Netrix, is staffed with technologists who understand IT platforms including cybersecurity and other IT risks.
  • Compliance and regulatory services – The regulatory environment continues to evolve and become more complex. FGMK professionals are well-versed in regulatory requirements, and understand your business and industry. 
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