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Cybersecurity is a top-of-mind issue for most companies and a subject for discussion at many board meetings. FGMK understands the need to align the proper security with your business goals.

High-profile security breaches continue to occur as perpetrators develop more sophisticated hacking methods, garnering front page headlines. The costs associated with these events, as well as the reputational impact, can be devastating. Where do companies go to address this risk? The answer is FGMK’s cybersecurity services group. 

FGMK stands ready to help organizations proactively develop their security strategy and mitigate the risk of a breach in their environment. FGMK Cybersecurity professionals along with our technology company, Netrix, develop action-oriented plans, to combat cyber threats. Our services include:

Strategy services. An appropriate strategy needs to be developed and implemented to mitigate the risk of a security event. FGMK can assist you in developing and implementing a cost-effective cybersecurity plan.

Security assessments. Our professionals are well versed in every aspect of security architecture and technology. We stand ready to provide an assessment of your environment and practical recommendations to strengthen your security posture.

Attack and penetration studies. Ethical hacking can be an effective way to test your security processes and controls. These studies are scenario based, and include both external and internal penetration efforts, as well as phishing exercises and social engineering. 

Regulatory compliance. Security strategies and architectures must include appropriate processes and procedures to address any regulatory requirements. FGMK can help you ensure that your systems address such requirements.

Vendor risk management. When a vendor’s system is breached, customers of that vendor are equally at risk. Companies must implement robust vendor risk management strategies to protect themselves from second-level cybersecurity risks from a potential business partner. FGMK can help you develop formal vendor risk management processes.

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