agreed upon procedures

Agreed-Upon Procedures

There are times when you may need to evaluate information outside the context of an audit or review of financial statements. Agreed-upon procedures provides an avenue for management or other interested parties to evaluate financial information, contractual provisions or other types of information in a way that addresses their specific needs. 

In this type of engagement, management or other interested parties determine the subject matter, the procedures to be performed and the criteria to be evaluated. Our findings are reported in detail, objectively, without any opinion.

By engaging FGMK to perform an agreed-upon procedures engagement, you may be able to obtain and evaluate information in a more cost-effective manner that an audit or review. This is because the nature and scope of the procedures to be performed can be limited to those that are designed to meet your specific goals and objectives.

Examples of agreed-upon procedures engagements:

•  Compliance with contractual provisions 

•  Percentage rent calculations included in commercial leases

•  Review of accounting records

•  Collateral

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