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Year-End Tax Planning: What You Need to Know, What You Need to Expect



Featured Speaker: 

Charles F. Schultz III
Tax Partner
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Listen to the webinar 

FGMK recently hosted a live webinar where we discussed important year-end tax planning strategies for both individuals and businesses.  Aside from reinforcing some of the existing planning strategies, we also focused on new developments over the current year. 

Most importantly for many of you, we discussed the impact of the latest tax proposals and how to appropriately plan for these new tax contingencies.  Among the topics we discussed are:

    • Updated tax planning strategies available to both individuals and trusts,
    • Corporate tax planning strategies in light of the possibility of future tax reform,
    • Important planning issues and updates related to flow-through entities, such as partnerships, S-corporations and LLCs, and
    • Other important issues of note, such as estate planning, qualified retirement planning, carried interest and Section 1031 like-kind exchanges.


This presentation is one hour. 



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