Attention Massachusetts 1040 Filers – Fraud Protection Option

Article prepared by FGMK Tax Senior Manager J Michael Reese

If you are a taxpayer that has an individual filing requirement in Massachusetts in 2017, FGMK would like to make you aware of a recent program initiated by the State to curtail the effects of fraudulent tax returns potentially being filed on your behalf.

Massachusetts has initiated a program called Mass Tax Connect (  This program is designed to prevent fraudulent tax refunds from being paid to the wrong recipient, and provide taxpayers the opportunity to verify if a return received by the State on their behalf is the proper filing.  Any taxpayer that may need to file in Massachusetts in 2017 should consider signing up for this program by clicking the link above and following the instructions listed.  Phone and online options are provided.  Taxpayers who do sign up can expect the following to occur:

  • Taxpayers who sign up for Mass Tax Connect will receive a letter from the Department of Revenue (MADOR) when a return is received on the taxpayer’s behalf.
  • The letter is sent to the last known address of the taxpayer, and will contain a PIN and directions to the MADOR website. The taxpayer will then be asked a series of questions which will attempt to confirm the identity of the taxpayer, and determine if the filing is correct or fraudulent.
  • No Massachusetts tax refund will be issued until verification has occurred for any taxpayer who signs up for Mass Tax Connect. This will result in some additional delay in receiving refunds based on the time it takes to send and respond to the letter.  Per MADOR, generally normal refunds using direct deposit take up to 2 weeks; refunds issued by check take up to 6 weeks.

If you have any questions regarding the Mass Tax Connect program, please contact an FGMK tax partner.



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