Franchising is a dynamic industry providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to achieve success. However, this industry also faces many challenges that can significantly impact profitability and return on investment. FGMK understands franchise operations and bring our years of experience, passion and culture to help you address these challenges.  

Today’s franchisees and franchisors demand high-quality professional services to complement their structured operations. Our client approach provides a service model that integrates financial reporting, tax compliance, strategic tax and estate planning, and proactive search for opportunities to enhance the bottom line.

Our experienced professionals focus on the following key areas:


Beginning with proper entity structuring and continuing with ongoing income tax planning, our goal is to make sure the impact of income taxes is legally minimized, leaving capital for growth and the owner’s benefit.  


Proactive planning and structuring for state and local taxes can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line. Our SALT practice is focused on finding advantageous opportunities through state apportionments, credits and incentive districts.


Whether your plan is growth through acquisition or an exit strategy that includes a sale, our TAS practice can help you navigate the complicated process and avoid pitfalls. Our professionals work closely with management and key stakeholders to identify opportunities and avoid risk so the transaction can be completed with the best possible outcome.


Proper planning for estate taxes can have a significant impact on how much of your life’s work will be available to pass on to heirs or philanthropic interests. We work to understand your financial goals and design a plan to accomplish them.


Whether your lender requires audited, reviewed or compiled financial statements, our assurance practice makes the process efficient and brings years of industry experience. We understand that business owners and management need more than just a financial report. They need a highly experienced team that is effective and efficient, integrating financial reporting and tax advisory services, to provide value-added recommendations and offering best-practice opportunities.