Architecture and Engineering

The architecture and engineering (A&E) professions are facing challenging times and FGMK’s A&E group is here to help you meet these challenges. 

Costs are increasing at a faster rate than revenues. It has become more challenging to hire and retain qualified staff. Many firms are undergoing a transition of ownership, from a leadership group that is nearing retirement to a new generation of partners, with each side seeking to secure a buy-out on favorable terms. FGMK’s A&E group fields dedicated teams that work to deliver value-added solutions that are necessary for A&E firms to succeed in a fluid, global market. 

FGMK can assist you and your team by: 

  • Consulting to reduce costs and maximize overhead rates, while remaining in compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) 
  • Assisting in determining market compensation, and developing plans to incentivize key employees and keep them committed to the success of the firms 
  • Assist with monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting and results with ownership/management 

Whether your needs include U.S. or international tax expertise, accounting or audit services, proficiency in developing overhead rates in accordance with FAR, applying industry-specific accounting principles, creating compensation plans, implementing process improvements, restructuring and aligning your organization, implementing information technology and cybersecurity, conducting mergers and acquisitions or succession planning, FGMK partners with you to develop solutions that work. Our industry-focused approach, implemented by experienced professionals who work closely together, helps us identify and respond to key performance and business issues by delivering audit, tax or advisory services without delay.